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General Electric Company- Mount Pleasant, PA, Westmoreland (Get Directions)

1 hour 2018-01-082018-02-06 LWD Field Specialist - Mount Pleasant, PA General Electric MOUNT PLEASANT, PA Job Code ge2-1711995 Job Title LWD Field Specialist - Mount Pleasant, PA Jobid ge2-171...

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Additional Details and Requirements

Education Level
Certificate / Professional
Required Education
-Higher Secondary Certificate
Required Experience
15 yrs
Credentials Required
Energy Efficiency Management Certificate Program, Certified New Home Marketing Professional, Certified New Home Sales Professional, National Professional Certification in Retail Management, Certified Hospitality Sales Executive, Master in Residential Marketing, Housing Credit Certified Professional, Green Advantage - Commercial/Residential, Residential Electrical Inspector, Certified Graduate Builder, Commercial Mechanical Inspector
Construction and Extraction Occupations FirstLine Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers
Primary Job Family
First-Line Supervisor - Construction


610 Epsilon Drive
Pittsburgh, PA, 15238

A global digital-industrial company, GE in the Pittsburgh region hires engineers, software developers, product managers, test lab technician and salespeople.